100 Day Work Winning Plan

You have 100 days, let us help you use them wisely

Our 100 Day Work Winning Plan has been developed to help you tackle the issue of business growth in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This exclusive strategy enables you to thoroughly review where new business may come from and help you to prioritise your efforts.

Together let’s face into the storm and kick some ass.

Get a head start on your competitors with our FREE work winning plan and resources.

Book in for a free webinar

100 day work winning plan webinar - supporting video

For a limited time, we are offering a free 1 hour bespoke online session with Jeremy Brim to help you develop your 100 day Work Winning Plan approach and how to apply it specifically to your business, your market and your clients*.

* Everything discussed in the webinar is completely secure and confidential. Very happy to sign an NDA if required.

To take us up on the offer simply send us a message via our contact form:

Work with us to set your strategy

As part of our 100 day programme we are delighted to offer a work winning plan audit service for just £999+VAT.

100 Day work winning plan, audit service special offer - supporting video

As part of the audit we will:

  • review your current work winning position
  • engage with your internal stakeholders
  • review your plans and pipeline
  • build an action plan for your business for the next 100 days

Leaving you and your business in the best possible place for when the clouds clear and opportunities return to the market.