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Raising win rates across your whole business.

We understand the importance of instilling winning behaviours across your whole organisation.

The 70-20-10 model for learning and development (L&D) was created in the 1980’s by three researchers and authors working with the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro in the US.

This model outlined the optimum split of learning consumption, suggesting that individuals obtain knowledge, skills and abilities in their roles through the following mixture of sources:

  • 70 percent from on-the-job experience
  • 20 percent from social sources such as interactions with others
  • 10 percent from formal structured training

We have structured our content and services to improve win rates through interventions across the learning spectrum.

Structured Learning

Bespoke high quality structured training content enables your employees to learn, discover and refine their job-related skills.

Our toolkit and supporting training videos, live masterclasses and webinars give your team to tools and skills they need to make decisions, address challenges and interact with people in their organisation.

Social Learning

Employees learn and refine their skills through social sources.

We have found that a range of tactics such as encouragement and feedback, coaching and mentoring lead to a more collaborative learning experience.

As part of our offering for businesses we provide a bespoke coaching service for your key bid team members.

Enterprise Toolkits

Our enterprise toolkits enable you to sustainably and predictably grow your business.

With an enterprise toolkit subscription your people will have full access to all our bid process, training content and tools, as well as additional enhanced detailed content on the roles and responsibilities of your bid team members.

Proven track record

We have worked with a wealth of businesses across a variety of sectors and pride ourselves on providing excellent results every time.