Case Study – Restore Harrow Green

Restore Harrow Green, UK market leader in business relocation, are one of the first companies to take advantage of a new combination of services deployed by the bid toolkit, working with YPO.

They have invested in an enterprise subscription of the bid toolkit, providing them with their own site with full access to all bid process, training content and tools, as well as additional enhanced detailed content on the roles and responsibilities of their bid team members. All free to access for their staff, 24/7, nationwide.

The engagement began with one of their bid team members attending a bid toolkit one day bidding masterclass open training event in December after a referral by YPO as part of their supplier hub initiative.

With positive feedback on the course content taken back to HQ, Group Sales Director of Restore Harrow Green, Bob Bradley engaged the bid toolkit team: “We met with Jeremy to discuss our current approach and to work through our ongoing needs. We already have a high win rate overall, but we need to maintain that momentum and to increase our win rate in certain markets. We took the opportunity to bring our entire sales and bidding function together for a day for an in-workplace course led by Jeremy. The course itself was comprehensive and tailored to our markets and challenges, while being pitched well. It was an entertaining and insightful day. But More importantly, we’ve found that the combination of the training course to land the content with our people, together with the enterprise toolkit site to reinforce that best practice as a constant reference point and learning resource, right when and where we need it, is really very powerful. Since the deployment in January we’ve already seen a noticeable improvement in win rates, an improvement in the bidding experience with everyone knowing the part we need them to play and what good looks like, as well as better adherence to our governance standards ”.