Enterprise Toolkits

Bring the bid toolkit in-house.

Make our bid process and guide, with integrated training and tools, your internal bid process wherever your people are.

You need to sustainably and predictably grow your business. Perhaps you are struggling to gain insight into client drivers, how to influence them and how to position well for bids. Maybe you only have an industry average win rate or you’re losing the odd bid on quality submission scores and silly compliance issues.

Many firms have a revolving door of contributors working on one bid and then disappearing onto a project for a couple of years, and then popping up again on the next bid. And of course there’s staff turnover eroding retained knowledge and people only remembering 30% of what they learn on live courses at best.

An enterprise deployment of the bid toolkit can help.

The bid toolkit is a true capability development tool for people working on bids, right at the point they need it. It’s there for your bidding professionals, their stakeholders and contributors as a constant reference point, 24/7, wherever they are in the world. It’s there for that one big pursuit or as your global bid process to drive consistency and help raise win rates.

Our content has been benchmarked and tested to destruction by leading bid function leads around the world, by our expert procurement partners YPO and our panel of big hitting non-execs.

For less than the cost of sending one person on a course per month you can have full access to all our bid process, training content and tools, as well as additional enhanced detailed content on the roles and responsibilities of your bid team members. All free to access for your staff, 24/7, wherever they are.

We offer standard enterprise sites in our brand or white labelled in yours, either as an external password protected site or integrated within your intranet network perimeter.  We can bespoke the bid process, training content and tools to match your existing bid processes or help you build new specific processes and content for your organisation.

For more information or to arrange an exploratory meeting please contact Jeremy Brim at jeremy@thebidtoolkit.com.