Roles & Responsibilities

How to create a great bid team

A team can only function at peak if egos are left at the door, and each member of the team is 100% committed to the defined objective.

This is true for any team, but especially when we’re talking about bid teams. Guest blogger, Sam Shilton has listed the steps to follow to help you create the best bid team.

STEP 1: Demonstrate Buy-in from the Top

Setting expectations around how important a bid is to you starts with the bid lead and sponsor. Nothing says ‘we mean business’ like a strong and confident leader at the helm, with the backing of someone from the upper levels of management. Getting these two appointments right is critical for success.

STEP 2: Define Clear Roles and Responsibilities 

There are few things more frustrating than people and/or teams working at cross-purposes or unwittingly working on the same thing. Avoid this by sitting down with your bid lead and sponsor to agree a strategy for your bid, and then define roles and responsibilities for the people you need to help get your bid over the line – including all stakeholders, contributors, writers, designers etc.

STEP 3: Promote Collaborative Thinking 

Once you’ve identified a team, invite all members to a kick-off workshop (in-person is best, but it can be a conference call at a push) to get everyone on the same page with what you’re trying to achieve. This is your chance to provide them with clarity on the role they will play, get a feel for their enthusiasm levels and assess the dynamics of the team.

STEP 4: Create a Team Ethos 

This initial workshop is also your chance to demonstrate and communicate the positive behaviours you expect everyone on the team to embody – such as an openness to sharing information, and respecting other people’s opinions and contributions regardless of seniority. Mutually agreeing deadlines, and what will happen if people miss deadlines, is also a good idea to support a successful outcome for your bid.