The Bid Decision Phase

Welcome to the Bid Decision phase of the bid toolkit

This section of the bid toolkit focuses on making the decision to bid or not, working collaboratively to agree you can win and committing resources.

Stage Objectives | Inputs | Key Steps | Outputs | Critical Success Factors | Top Tips

Paid Tools & Training Module

Stage Objectives

Collaborative decision on whether we can win, how we will win, and the commitment of the right resources.

Quality Submission Objectives 

  1. Collaborative decision on whether you have the people to bid, can win and then deliver the work
  2. Develop an understanding of the risks and mitigations
  3. Confirm the need for any supply-chain partners

Commercial Submission Objectives 

  1. Collaborative decision on whether you can make the right profit margin and sign the contract
  2. Agree actions to mitigate any identified commercial risks



Key Steps




Critical Success Factors Critical Success Factors

  • Proper consideration given to all factors, with a no bid decision seen as a good outcome if appropriate
  • Clear leadership
  • Documented outcome
  • Detailed understanding of the client, their influencers and the opportunity

Top Tips

  • If you haven’t influenced the client, someone else has
  • Deciding to not bid should not top tipbe perceived as giving up, but a well thought out investment decision.
  • No bids can mean people better deployed elsewhere
  • If agreement is not reached escalate for a decision
  • Outcome must be a documented realistic assessment of your ability to win

Paid Tools & Training Module

Buy-now-iconA suite of templates and tools to support your tender 

Our paid tools are designed to support your activity throughout the bid phases and help you to submit an engaging and compliant bid to your client.

The Bid Decision meeting pack takes you through a structure agenda to inform and make good bid decisions, analysing the opportunity, your relationships, your competition and your ability to win and deliver.

Ready to learn more?

The Bid Decision training module is delivered online and has been curated by bidding experts, giving you real world insights in to the bid process that you can access any time,

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