The Handover & Mobilise Phase

Welcome to the Handover & Mobilise phase of the bid toolkit.

This phase focuses on handing over secured work to your delivery team well to set them up for success and learning lessons to help you to continue to improve for next time.

Stage Objectives | Inputs | Key Steps | Outputs | Critical Success Factors | Top Tips

Paid Tools & Training Module

Stage Objectives

  • Setting up the delivery team for success through a full handover
  • Recording lessons learned for continuous improvement 

Quality Submission Objectives 

  1. Comprehensive handover of solution to the delivery team.
  2. Mobilise supply-chain
  3. Collaborative review and documentation of what went well and not so well on the bid

Commercial Submission Objectives 

  1. Communication of price clarifications / margin improvement plans
  2. Contract is prepared and ready for execution
  3. Contract signed



Key Steps




Critical Success Factors Critical Success Factors

  • Celebrate success
  • Open and honest handover
  • Clear documentation

Top Tips top tip

  • Ensure commercial strategy is handed over effectively as a plan for delivery
  • Analyse the performance of bid team members and feedback
  • Analyse the bid process and lessons learned
  • Analysis of final bid response and capture of client feedback (win or lose)
  • Celebrate success!!

Paid Tools & Training Module

Buy-now-iconA suite of templates and tools to support your tender 

Our paid tools are designed to support your activity throughout the bid phases and help you to submit an engaging and compliant bid to your client.

The Handover and mobilise file contains a Handover and Mobilise Meetings pack to help ensure a smooth handover from sales to your delivery team.

Ready to learn more?

The Handover & Mobilise training module is delivered online and has been curated by bidding experts, giving you real world insights in to the bid process that you can access any time,

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