The Present & Support Phase

Welcome to the Present & Support phase of the bid toolkit.

This phase of the bid process focuses on preparing a winning presentation that demonstrates you have listened to your clients requirements and have the best solution for their needs.

Stage Objectives | Inputs | Key Steps | Outputs | Critical Success Factors | Top Tips

Paid Tools & Training Module

Stage Objectives

Prepare for the delivery of a winning presentation that demonstrates we deliver best value for money

Support the bid with internal and external stakeholders until conclusion

Quality Submission Objectives 

  1. A robust analysis of what is required so the presentation is what the clients wants to see and it goes well

  2. A considered preparation, with content developed with the audience in mind and is delivered with confidence 

  3. Momentum is carried through with the bid supported well and any issues ironed out

Commercial Submission Objectives 

  1. Appropriate representation of financial offer detailed within the tender submission
  2. Demonstrate that our proposition is the best value for money.



Key Steps




Critical Success Factors  Critical Success Factors

  • Appropriate commitment of time to build content and practice
  • Passion, enthusiasm and positivity breeding confidence in the team
  • Subject knowledge and belief in the solution
  • Knowledge of who the client side interview are and who in the team faces off to who.
  • Appropriate materials (PowerPoint isn’t the only answer!)

Top Tips top tip

  • Use slides as a support tool and not to detail content.
  • Keep content on screen concise, ‘punchy’ and clear.
  • Use more visuals than words
  • Don’t rely solely on PowerPoint. Use other props and content, such as boards and models
  • Try to keep to no more than three things to a slide. Slides need to be read / digested by the panel in maximum of 5 seconds
  • Structure the presentation / agree messages before producing detail
  • Communicate a single impact statement to client that they will remember
  • Ensure all skill sets are represented and the that there is an appropriate balance of sales/leadership and delivery resources (10/90 rule)
  • Follow the client instructions and ensure compliance

Paid Tools & Training Module

Buy-now-iconA suite of templates and tools to support your tender 

Our paid tools are designed to support your activity throughout the bid phases and help you to submit an engaging and compliant bid to your client.

Our Present and support pack contains a PowerPoint slide pack which has over 30 slide and graphic templates to help bring your content together with style.

Ready to learn more?

The Present & Support training module is delivered online and has been curated by bidding and presentation experts, giving you real world insights in to the bid process that you can access any time,

To view the training video simply click the ‘rent now’ icon. This will take you to our Vimeo On Demand page where you will be able to rent and watch this training module or the full course.