The Win Strategy & Kick Off Phase

Welcome to the Win Strategy & Kick off phase of the bid toolkit

This phase of the bid process focuses on developing your proposition, win themes and commercial strategy.

Stage Objectives | Inputs | Key Steps | Outputs | Critical Success Factors | Top Tips

Paid Tools & Training Module

Stage Objectives

  • Develop the win themes and commercial strategy for the bid
  • Kick off the development of content, with everyone aligned

Quality Submission Objectives 

  1. Develop win themes
  2. Mobilise contributors
  3. Mobilise supply-chain

Commercial Submission Objectives

  1. Mobilise commercial lead
  2. Send Contract Terms for legal review
  3. Develop commercial strategy
  4. Mobilise supply-chain pricing (inc NDAs)



Key Steps

The key steps for this phase are split between the strategy session and the kick off session.

Strategy Session


Kick off Session




Critical Success FactorsCritical Success Factors


  • Clear leadership
  • Enthusiasm for the opportunity with a desire to win
  • Detailed understanding of the client, their influencers and the opportunity
  • Commitment of time to strategy development

Kick off

  • Pre-meeting information distributed prior to meetings
  • Appropriate meeting facilities booked in advance
  • Right people in the room
  • Client documents and research to hand
  • Bid strategy printed / on the walls
  • A pre-populated draft bid plan, agreed with the bid leader

Top Tipstop tip

  • Win themes need to be specific for the client and opportunity
  • Capture all insights we have on the client and influencers
  • Analyse relationships with the buyers (economic / technical / user/ influencers / decision makers)
  • Consider client’s political climate
  • Get into the detail of how the client will analyse / score price
  • Understand how the client will make the decision and how you can play to that

Paid Tools & Training Module

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Our paid tools are designed to support your activity throughout the bid phases and help you to submit an engaging and compliant bid to your client.

Our Win Strategy and Kick Off pack contains

  • a Win Strategy session meeting pack
  • a charter of your roles and responsibilities for your team
  • a full bid plan template to project manage your bid with and
  • a kick off meeting pack for engaging your wider team and stakeholders

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