The Write & Price Phase

Welcome to the Write & Price phase of the bid toolkit.

This phase of the bid process focuses on further developing the content outlined in the storyboards and ensuring you are on track to deliver a winning bid to your client.

Stage Objectives | Inputs | Key Steps | Outputs | Critical Success Factors | Top Tips

Paid Tools & Training Module

Stage Objectives

  • Develop the content outlined in storyboards.
  • Carry out a mid point progress review and make sure the submission documents are on track to deliver a winning bid

Quality Submission Objectives 

  1. Write the bid – developing compelling content 
  2. CV’s tailored for the opportunity
  3. Establish progress made to date on quality submission against tender questions / evaluation criteria

Commercial Submission Objectives 

  1. Review 1st draft of day rates  / resourcing model / supply chain costs
  2. Review comments on T&Cs from legal advisors
  3. Agree mitigation of risks and issues



Key Steps




Critical Success Factors Critical Success Factors

  • Clear direction provided
  • Care taken to get it right
  • Appropriate writers supported in developing responses
  • Work as a team, reviewing each others work as we go

Top Tips top tip

  • Consider tone of voice in the bid and reflect the clients language and terminology, using a language charter for the bid based on analysis of the clients documents
  • Change bid writers early if writers are not delivering – its better to deal with issues early
  • Document needs to be 60% complete for a sensible mid-point ‘green team’ review
  • Grammar / spell check not essential at this stage
  • Do not over engineer the bid – give the client what they ask for

Paid Tools & Training Module

Buy-now-iconA suite of templates and tools to support your tender 

Our paid tools are designed to support your activity throughout the bid phases and help you to submit an engaging and compliant bid to your client.

Our Write and Price file pack contains CV and Case Study Templates for you to use, with headings that drive good quality content.

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The Write & Price training module is delivered online and has been curated by bidding experts, giving you real world insights in to the bid process that you can access any time,

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