YPO & the bid toolkit Partnership

We are delighted to announce the full details of our partnership with YPO, the UK’s largest publicly owned buying organisation.

The partnership will be focused on vastly improving the experience of suppliers in engaging with YPO and other public sector buyers through competitive procurement processes.

Our research shows that procurement bodies find that the quality and compliance levels of submissions they receive from the private sector can be fairly low. This has become more acute as more and more organisations are forced to bid for opportunities for the first time, for example apprenticeship providers. Both the buyers and the suppliers end up wasting time in dealing with unsuccessful tenders, with prolonged exchanges of queries, that ultimately don’t deliver the value for buyers and their stakeholders that they could.

Our partnership will look to improve the situation through the provision of online and in-person engagement, tools and training opportunities. The partnership will bring together leading edge private sector bidding best practice with procurement specialist insights on what clients want to see.

Key deliverables of the partnership will include:

  • A supplier portal providing guidance on public sector procurement.
  • Access to ‘the bid toolkit’ – a free to air online tendering process and guide with embedded pay-per-play training content and tools to support successful bidding.
  • A series of in person training events titled: “the Bid Toolkit LIVE”, where techniques in successful tendering will be presented and worked through with exercises, along with unique sections and Q&A delivered by YPO procurement experts.
  • The launch of stock / supplies focused courses and well as category specific content for new markets such as apprenticeships providers.
  • Training webinars to save on travel for UK based suppliers and to engage suppliers from abroad.
  • Quarterly breakfast ‘mini-conferences’ where attendees will see panel discussions with leading procurement and proposals experts discussing key subjects.

The aim of the partnership is to deliver the following benefits:

  • A higher volume of better quality, compliant submissions for tenders – which in turn are likely to deliver better value for money for procuring organisations
  • Reduced cost of sale for suppliers through increased win rates
  • Increased staff moral and reduced staff turnover in suppliers from reduced stress and risk in bidding.
  • Efficiency for YPO and other procuring organisations through smoother, better understood buying processes.

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